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12-year-old boy arrested after burning playground because he was bored

Playground illustration 
By: Anika Rao

A young boy was arrested on charges of arson after he allegedly burned a playground because he was bored, Israel Police said.

The Be’er Sheva Police Department said that they arrested the 12-year-old boy on Tuesday, after being accused of setting the playground on fire.

The investigation was launched after a resident filed a complaint with the police, saying that the playground was burned beyond recognition.

During questioning, the boy told police that he burned the playground because he was bored. Earlier this week, vandals set a playground on fire in Nashville, Tennessee.

Firefighters who arrived at the McFerrin Park, extinguished the flames that damaged part of the slides. The vandals fled from the scene before police arrived.

Man charged for poisoning 3 women and raping them while they were passed out

Yaniv Nachman 
By: Devansh Dutt

A man was arrested and charged with rape after allegedly raping three women while they were passed out, prosecutors in Israel said.

The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment against 38-year-old Yaniv Nachman of Tel Aviv, charging him with rape.

According to the indictment filed with the Tel Aviv District Court on Monday, the defendant recorded his actions, and sent the photos and videos to his friends.

Nachman was arrested after police suspected that he poisoned his victims with a date rape drug before raping them. Laboratory tests were not able to positively identify the date rape drug.

Prosecutors told the court that the defendant fed the women alcohol, which has led to a loss of control over what was happening to them.

The first victim told police that she found herself naked in the suspect’s bed. When she tried to get dressed, the defendant forcibly grabbed and raped her.

Other women have complained of similar actions.

London Jewish mother reunited with her kids after father kidnapped them and fled to Russia

Rachel Neustadt with Daniel and Jonathan 
By: Aarav Sen

A Jewish mother of London, England, is happy to have finally been reunited with her kids after their father took them to Russia.

The two children who were held captive by their father in Russia, have been found and returned to their mother after police in Russia cooperated with a court order in the United Kingdom, for the first time.

37-year-old Ilya Neustadt, kidnapped eight-year-old Daniel and six-year-old Jonathan from their home in London, after the breakup of his marriage.

He took them to Moscow, leaving 36-year-old Rachel Neustadt with two-year-old Meir. Speaking outside court, Neustadt said that she was delighted to have her children back.

“I am infinitely grateful to the authorities of the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States, for their help in the recovery of the children,” Neustadt said.

Neustadt is a U.S. citizen.

Police in Russia said that the children were found in an apartment in Moscow, with their paternal grandmother Irina Mogilevsky.

It was the first time that a Russian court recognized a British court ruling.

Teen arrested for breaking into numerous Jewish homes in Bayswater

Scene of the incident 
By: Hydar Tomar

A teen was arrested on charges of burglary after breaking into numerous homes in the Bayswater neighborhood of Queens, police in New York said.

The New York Police Department said that 19-year-old Aquan Humphrey of Brooklyn, was arrested on Monday afternoon, for stealing valuable items from Bayswater homes.

Over the past few weeks, residents discovered items missing from their homes when they came home in the evening after work.

On Monday, police responded to a call about a man breaking into a house on Trist Place. After searching the area, police arrested the teen on Westbourne Avenue.

Security camera videos apparently showed the suspect burglarizing several homes in the area. Humphrey was charged with burglary, criminal damage, criminal trespass and false impersonation.

‘Kill Jews’ and swastikas scrawled on Bronx playground

“Kill Jews” scrawled in children’s playground 
By: Sanvi Rizvi

Jewish residents of the Bronx, New York, were shocked to find “kills Jews” and swastikas scrawled on a local children’s playground.

Police have launched an investigation after four swastikas and the anti-Semitic phrase were found drawn in chalk at the McLaughlin Playground.

A Jewish man who brought his two grandchildren to the playground located on Greystone Avenue, reported the incident to police.

The 63-year-old man said that luckily, his grandchildren are too young to read and they do not know the meaning of the swastika.

Police removed the hateful inscriptions from the playground. Another Jewish resident however, said that she is not bothered by the swastika and “kill Jews” phrase.

“You just have to ignore it. The hate has been here for thousands of years. The people behind it are just ignorant,” she said.

"Such acts of hatred have no place in our borough or anywhere in civilized society. This anti-Semitic graffiti is a sad reminder of the cruelty some individuals are capable of, and I am proud to join my colleagues today to condemn this act in one united voice. The people of The Bronx do not tolerate hatred of any kind, and I hope those responsible for this hate crime are brought to justice," Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said.

3 young men hospitalized after being shot on Flatbush street

Scene of the incident 
By: Anika Rao

Three young men were rushed to a hospital after being shot while walking on a Flatbush street, police in New York said.

Brooklyn Police said that the three people were shot early on Saturday morning.

Around 6:00 a.m., three men, aged 26, 25 and 22, were shot outside of a residential building Martense Street between Bedford Avenue and Rogers Avenue.

The 26 and 25-year-old men were shot on their arm while the 22-year-old man was shot on his leg. They suffered injuries that were not life threatening, and were admitted to Kings County Hospital.

Police are looking for the driver of a silver four-door sedan who fled the scene.

Israel Air Force pilots tell world how they avoid civilian casualties in Gaza (video)

Lt. Or 
By: Devansh Dutt

(Scroll down for video) Several Israeli military pilots spoke about how they avoid hitting civilians, the IDF Blog reported.

While the IDF goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas deliberately puts civilians in the line of fire.

The terrorist organization bases command centers, weapons storage facilities and concealed rocket launchers inside civilian neighborhoods, sometimes even inside houses.

Lt. Or and Lt. Omer are two pilots in the Israel Air Force, whose work reduces harm to civilians in Gaza.

Lt. Or is a 25-year-old soldier with an enormous responsibility. He decides whether to call off an airstrike in Gaza for the sake of preserving human life.

Lt. Or operates drones over Gaza in order to gather intelligence before airstrikes. The drones provide the IDF with a clear picture of the ground in real time. “Before every flight, we have a briefing about what is happening in the Strip,” said Lt. Or.

“Then we perform a reconnaissance mission to ensure the intelligence matches the reality on the ground,” he added.

The purpose of this intelligence gathering is to ensure that a strike on a target will not cause harm to civilians. “Before every airstrike, the pilot needs permission from us,” Lt. Or. emphasized. “We are the only side in this conflict that attempts to prevent civilians from being harmed.”

Because Hamas has embedded its military infrastructure within civilian areas, the IDF often cancels airstrikes due to the appearance of civilians near a target.

“I have personally seen rockets fired at Israel from hospitals and schools, but we couldn’t strike back because of civilians nearby,” said Lt. Or. “In one instance, we acquired a target, but we saw that there were children in the area. We waited around, and when they didn’t leave, we were forced to abort a strike on an important target.”

Drones are unmanned, but Lt. Or points out that “everything a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) does is directed by a human decision on the ground.” Though he and his peers can’t prevent the deaths of all civilians, Lt. Or explained that “Israel sees the death of every civilian as a tragedy. We do everything in our power to ensure that civilians are not harmed.”

“I am proud to be UAV pilot,” concluded Lt Or. “I am proud of the moral code of the IDF.”

Lt. Omer, a fighter pilot, shares the burden of making tough decisions during air strikes. He flies his plane into Gaza, and strikes targets in the area. He knows firsthand the challenge of fighting Hamas terrorists while they hide behind civilians.

“In Gaza, we use bombs that are extremely precise, and strike only Hamas targets – not civilians – once the UAVs have completed their surveillance.” Nonetheless, Lt. Omer knows that planes cannot always strike with accuracy, and that sometimes, operations can go wrong.

“For every mistake that we make, we perform in-depth inquiries to make sure that it won’t happen again. We do everything we can to limit civilian casualties in Gaza. We target only Hamas facilities and infrastructure.”

Airstrikes are frequently canceled due to the proximity of civilians. “Two days ago, we were preparing to strike a target. Five seconds before we released the bombs, we were told to cancel the strike.”

Despite the danger posed to his life and the heavy burden he carries, Lt. Omer says he is “very proud to be a pilot in the IAF and protect Israel from Hamas’ rockets.”

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